“Old Burial Hill” added to the National Register of Historic Places

On August 7th, 2013, Burial Hill was officially listed on the National Register of Historic Places! The National Register is the nation’s official list of sites that retain their historic character. The Friends of Burial Hill were instrumental in this endeavor by initiating and assisting the town in securing this honor.

“From the town’s standpoint, it is very important to have the recognition of the national registry. Burial Hill has national, even international significance and this designation will help others realize that.”¬† – Lee Hartmann, Plymouth Director of Planning and Development¬† (WickedLocal.com)

Our Mission Statement:

The Friends of Burial Hill have been founded for the purpose of protecting, preserving and enhancing the cemetery and its environs. Our goals include the preservation of the physical grounds and educating the public to the importance of the conservation of the gravestones, memorials and commemorative sites. We would like to promote awareness of the history of those buried, or symbolized, thusly, interpret the culture, art and sculpture of the time since 1620.

These memorials are one of our remaining connections to generations of ordinary and extraordinary people who have helped shaped our destiny. When the Cemetery is not attended to, damage and deterioration occur and the connectedness is lost.

History is to be lost if Burial Hill is not preserved.

Visiting Burial Hill:

  • The burial ground is open from dawn to dusk.
  • Gravestone rubbings are damaging, and are not allowed per order of the Town of Plymouth.
  • The gravestones are more fragile than they appear; please do not lean on them or place items on them.
  • Dogs are welcome, but please pick up after your pet, and discourage them from using the stones as marking posts!